Loan Nativity Sets, Art and Trees

We appreciate your willingness to consider loaning your Nativity set(s) for this exhibit. We know these sets are precious to their owners, and all care will be taken to treat them as you yourself would.

The sets will be displayed in a public environment, but the facility will be secure, and hosts will be present and taking watchful care anytime the exhibit is open. We will have signs asking that they not be touched or handled.

Please fill out the Nativity/Art/Tree form online or when you drop off your items.

Fill Out Loan Nativity/Art/Tree Form Here

Every Nativity will be signed in. And please ~ have each nativity in a sturdy container.

Nativity sets are needed on November 11th
But no later than November 16th. It’s very important that we have the Nativities early ~ it is extremely difficult to place late comers.
Thanks for your cooperation!
Please deliver nativities, trees and artwork to:

Shreveport Bossier Christmas Nativity Celebration
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
200 Carroll Street, Shreveport, LA
Monday-Saturday, November 11 – 16 , 9 AM – 9PM

We need green artificial trees – if lighted, white only please.

We want your Life of Christ art. We cannot accept pieces that are not in a frame.

Nativities and other loaned items may not be picked up Sunday evening December 8nd. Only poinsettias may be signed out Sunday evening.

This is to ensure the safety of each Nativity. Volunteers will be on hand  to assist you in retrieving your items. We will sign you in and we will sign you out. Pick up times Monday Dec 9 thru Wednesday Dec 11 from 10 am to 5pm.  

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